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4/14/14 -


A few new tour dates added for Tim Kaye and Adryelle!



4/9/14 -


The new EP from Dingamo is here and available as a pay-what-you-want download!


"Have you ever had an imaginary friend when you were a kid? Well, I did. His name was Dingamo and he's back! The dream-like songs on this EP, entitled "¿Mañana?", are experimental and sometimes bizarre and were written and recorded with an anything-goes approach. This is a view of the world from the eyes of Dingamo. I was just lucky enough to be asked to produce it." - Tim Kaye






















3/25/14 -























On December 29, 2013 a group of friends and musicians gathered at the Single Engine Studios in Baltimore, MD for a night of live in-studio solo performances. Now it is finally being released as a FREE download. So, kick back, turn down the lights and listen to some good songs!


10/1/13 -











The new Adryelle EP - "These City Lights" - is now LIVE and available for download and/or purchase of a physical CD. All CD orders are shipped immediately! (Just make sure to supply us with  an address!)











Tim Kaye's "It's Painless" physical CD, which was originally on Topease Records, will eventually be reissued through Single Engine. For now we have a limited supply of the original CD. Anyone who purchases an "It's Painless" CD also gets a FREE copy of "The Single Engine Piano EP".


9/30/13 -

The new Adryelle EP is available at MIDNIGHT tonight. Click on the "Releases" tab to purchase either a CD copy or a download. You can also stream the EP for free.


Don't worry about paying shipping costs right now. We'll cover all shipping costs for the time being!


If you have ideas on how we can improve this site, our system or our label in general, please don't hesitate to email us at This is a work in progress and we appreciate your input!



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